Junior | Darin Madjarov: School Lessons ?= Life Lessons

The idea behind Start It Smart | Junior events is to inspire and educate the youth (mainly students) on topics such as business, entrepreneurship, personal and professional development. We encourage younger people to work on their ideas and try to accomplish them, gaining new valuable and interesting knowledge, experience and contacts.

That’s why we invite you to our second event (similar to SIStory: Successful Inspirational Story) with the guest-lector Darin Madjarov, who will tell us about the things he learned about/at school and the lessons he got outside school. The event will happen between 17 and 19 o’clock on October 25th, 2014 at Vivacom Art Hall. The day is Saturday, while the place is 1 minute away from the National Theatre “Ivan Vazov”. The event will be free, and you can get your invitation online beforehand.

2014.10.25 - Junior - Darin Madjarov




Darin Madjarov is the founder of Ucha.se – an online platform with video courses for every subject from 1st to 12th grade. They follow the official educational program for Bulgarian schools and aim to help students learn in a faster, easier and more interesting way. So far, Ucha.se offers over 3300 video courses, seen more than 7 million times. The website was awarded as the best educational Bulgarian website for 2012 and 2013 from BG SITE, as well as social deed for the year by Forbes.

Darin graduates with an excellent GPA medal (6.00) the Aprilovska high school in 2006. Afterwards he studies for 5 years in Jacobs University, Bremen, Germany. There he receives his bachelor and masters in electronics and computer science. After that, he starts his PhD in KU Leuven, Belgium in the sphere of energy markets and electric cars. But he quits returning to his home country and forming a team with which to develop the platform, so that they improve education for thousands of kids in generations after us.

Darin is “excellent” in Forbes “30 under 30” future Bulgarian leaders, as well as in “40 under 40” young Bulgarian leader list by Darik Radio. He deeply loves Bulgaria and has always dreamt to work for the country and help with anything he can. He strongly believes that Bulgaria is a great business place with wonderful nature and interesting life!



October 25, 2014 /Saturday/


Vivacom Art Hall





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