SIStory | Deyan Vitanov: Silicon valley: What is it?

Every strived entrepreneur sees Silicon Valley as a challenge, but does he understand it well – what is it, why is it created and how it functions? On the first for 2015 SIStory, the speaker Deyan Vitanov will answer precisely these questions and will share what is to be Bulgarian who achieved this aspiration.

Guest Speaker:


Deyan Vitanov is an entrepreneur who seeks to make the world a better place through innovation, technology and leadership. Trailing in his wake there are already 3 startups and he can boast with a solid technical and socially directed academic qualification. He reaches the Silicon Valley in 2007 enrolling at theStanford Graduate School of Business, where he pursues an MBA as one of the youngest members of the Class of 2009. There he grew significantly, learning a lot about himself, entrepreneurship, leadership and management, not only from lecturers, but also from classmates and alumni. In his spare time, he likes to help and consult entrepreneurs and to write about startups in his blog – Startup Lore. He is passionately interested in leadership, critical thinking, entrepreneurship, technology, science, philosophy, and the world at large. He is also excited by opportunities to be an angel investor.
January 2, 2014 /tuesday/

Aula hall of Sofia University

6:30 PM

7:00 PM

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