Start It Smart launched its franchise in 2012 and since then has established a local entrepreneurial organizations in Plovdiv, Burgas, Veliko Tarnovo and Ruse. The organization in Ruse is looking for its new team, while the teams in the rest of the cities you can see HERE . If you wish to join as part of the team of any local organization, contact their branch.

We accept applications for the establishment of local Start It Smart organizations in other cities. We have a set of requirements, the most important of which is to have a team of at least 3 people who are highly motivated and enthusiastic to develop the entrepreneurial environment in their city and train young people locally of different business knowledge and skills. If you want to create a local organization, fill in the form below.

By founding a local Start It Smart club you will have:

● Solid & Supportive Team

By creating a community of young and talented members who respect and support each other in starting projects, growing businesses, and sharing specific know-how.

● Brand & Support

By using the structure model and brand image of Start It Smart and getting support from us to find audience, partners, mentors, and sponsors.

● Entrepreneurship Ecosystem

By inspiring young people and supporting them in developing their own start-ups, spreading entrepreneurship knowledge while stimulating know-how and ideas sharing.

● Powerful Network

By getting a wide range of international connections, meeting successful entrepreneurs and becoming the opinion leader in your local entrepreneurship ecosystem.

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If you have willingness and possibility to found a local Start It Smart club in your town, please use the contact form to contact us:

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Why you want to found a Start It Smart club in your city?

What is your experience in entrepreneurship?

Are you familiar with the entrepreneurship environment in Bulgaria and the initiatives in it?

Are you familiar with the projects of Start It Smart?
Have you attended our events? Do you know people in any way connected with Start It Smart (members, partners, mentors)?

What is your team that will engage with you in developing the club?
Please, provide links to the public LinkedIn profiles of the team members.

What are your plans for developing the local club in the future?

Do you have ideas for partners/sponsors who could support you in the long run?

What do you expect from us while founding the club?