How do they do it in London?

06/26/2014. The place is Vivacom ArtHall, Sofia. The hall is already full and the guests are looking forward to learn How to grow into  good entrepreneurs.  Joe Scarboro and Michael Hobson, Co – founders of 3Beards, are now ready to share some insides of the London’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, and also some personal experience about what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur.

What is 3Beards?

In fact, they are like 5 or 6 Beards now, but that’s not that important. The most impressive thing about them is their portfolio, which includes a series of events supporting and encouraging the start-up ecosystem in London. Their initiatives are the weekly networking events Silicon Drinkabout, the monthly events Don’t Pitch Me, Bro! and Chew The Fat, as well as the quarterly events Digital Sizzle.

The main goal of their work is to create a safe environment for entrepreneurs, where they can share their ideas and pivots in order to receive valuable feedback and improve their products.

Lessones learned


Be passionate and love what you do

Being an entrepreneur takes a lot of commitment and hard work, so be ready invest all of your time and resources in your startup. It is really easy to do it, if you really love what you do.

You need to be prepared for failure

Many great entrepreneurs and businessmen went through different ideas before they finally find “their thing.” Sometimes you have to go through several unsuccessful attempts in this quest to find the perfect for you. Ultimately, it all comes down to a simple choice to risk or not to. Will you manage to collect all the necessary components to make things work? It takes a dose of courage to give yourself a try. And if you are going to fail, better fail fast.

Chat to people

Always stay tuned about what other people in the ecosystem are doing. You should always remember that when doing a startup, you are not alone, there are many people doing the same thing and a massive community is ready to support each other. Everyone knows things you don’t know, so go and meet people, absorb information from other people and grow. Know what you don’t know, always be ready to fill in the gaps to knowledge and don’t be one of those guys who think that they know everything, because you will fail much faster.

Success, according to Joe and Michael, is due to lots of dedication and ability to learn and develop yourself every day. So, are you ready?



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