Junior| Petar Sharkov: Manual of the Brain

After a short holiday break in December, we from Start It Smart | Junior are returning, so that we continue with our educational, but fun events for people our age. This time we will do something a little bit different, inviting Start It Smart President Petar Sharkov on the stage to tell us about mind mapping, also famous as “cards of knowledge”, an innovative tool, serving us to express and organize our thoughts and ideas. They are used by companies such as Toyota, Microsoft, NASA, Boeing, Walt Disney, IBM, US Air Force, Rolls-Royce, United Nations. The thing that makes mind mapping special and efficient is that it can be used for a wide variety of purposes like brainstorming, problem solving, memorizing of information, creating projects, etc. It is proven that they stimulate 2 of the main functions of the human brain – imagination and associations. People who regularly use mind maps in their everyday life not only represent their ideas better, but also start generating ideas faster and easier, reaching deeper places of their minds. The event, like last time, will consist of a presentation and a workshop.


Petar-Sharkov-300x217 Petar Sharkov is the co-founding president at Start It Smart, one of Bulgaria’s first and most significant entrepreneurial organizations. He is also a co-founder and trainer at Mind Mapping, licensed personally by the very creator of Mind Mapping, Tony Buzan. The company is focused on accelerated learning through the use of innovative tools. In addition to that, Petar is in charge of the first pre-accelerator in Bulgaria, Start It Smart | Pre – Accelerator, a 10-week program for first-time entrepreneurs. His passion to learn and teach is a major component of the driving force behind all projects he is involved with. True innovation, a willingness to achieve all goals one can set, and a passion to create and share with the world are the things that inspire Petar and move him along the exciting and unpredictable entrepreneurial road.


January 24 , 2015 /saturday/


5th floor of Telefonna Palata. “Gurko” 4 str., Sofia


4:30 PM


5 PM

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