SIStory | Gergana Markova: The personality of the entrepreneur – a product of his own entrepreneurship

“The personality of the entrepreneur – a product of his own entrepreneurship” is a topic that provokes a certain interest associations for the different dimensions of the election, the contractor doing every day in all areas of life. The May edition of SIStory (Successful Inspirational Story) will present a philosophical topic of entrepreneurship and steep road that everyone walks towards achieving your dreams. Will further reflect a topic of whether what we preach as entrepreneurs an integral part of us, whether it change us or we him to what extent our own beliefs, our model and to what extent we shape them?



Gergana Markova is a consultant, seminar leader, manager, business developer, teacher, but mostly it has shown hundreds of people how to discover themselves, to manage time and stress and be successful and happy at the same time. She is an entrepreneur and trainings are her passion. Gergana is a professional consultant in personal and corporate development, general manager of LIKORA Ltd. – Organization of personal and corporate development and is one of the main leaders of education in college Markov, whose founder is her father.




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Addition to 02/06/2014: The main moments, photos and videos from the event can be foundHERE.

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