SIStory | The Successful people from Tarnovo: Svetlin Nakov

Start It Smart Veliko Tarnovo wants to invite you on July 2 (Thursday) in the Large hall of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality to meet the successful entrepreneur from Veliko Tarnovo – Svetlin Nakov.

During the meeting you will have the chance to learn what is his story as entrepreneur, for the lessons he learned and the mistakes he made, for the right decisions, for the support and the motivation in his life. He will tell us about the companies, which he`d worked for and for the university he established and currently managing. You will learn what is his personal cause and way of living.



Светлин Наков

Svetlin Nakov

Svetlin Nakov has more than 15 years experience as software engineer, manager of software projects, lecturer and entrepreneur. He has written many books for computer programming and software technologies, as well as dozens of technical and science publications. Svetlin was speaker at more than hundred conferences, seminars, courses and education sessions. He is PhD in the field of Computer sciences and also has awards from international programming challenges. He has won “John Atanasov” award of the president. He has found Bulgarian Association of software developers and also of the first Software University in Bulgaria – the biggest educational center for world-class programmers. On of his main goals is to make Bulgaria leader in Europe in the field of IT education.


02.07.2015 /Thursday/


Large hall of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality /the entrance is from Lobby bar/


18:00 h


18:30 h

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