And the winner of 3Challenge (Season 4) iiis…!

It’s official. The winners in the 4th season of the 3Challenge entrepreneurship tournament for innovative business ideas is TestingAgents. After six months of hard work, the online user testing platform won against two other teams in the final race in an evening full of surprises, amazing people and fast forward thinking.

September 21. 4.30pm. Club Studio 5. The first guests for the final Grow stage of the 3Challenge entrepreneurship tournament start showing up, one by one. A week ago, each of them has received a special invitation for something they were not sure whether to consider as a great business networking opportunity or a strange sect gathering.

Soon they are joined by a bunch of other very special people. They have many things in common. They are all young. They are all entrepreneurs. Some of them have just founded their businesses, others have been on the startup/business battlefield for years now. They all have visions of a better future, a better Bulgaria, a better world and the role they will play in these. Although they don’t know it, each of them has been carefully chosen by Start It Smart’s team in order to form the right community for the club’s most important event of the year.

This is the night where 3 teams will have to defend their right to become a winner in the 3Challenge entrepreneurship tournament, after 6 months of intensive work, mentorship and startup troubles of all types, forms and sizes. They will be judged not only by a prominent jury of outstanding entrepreneurs and investors, but also by VIP guests of successful businessmen and women and this carefully handpicked amazing audience.

As the opening approaches, Studio 5 is filled with the buzz of inspiring people exchanging ideas, contacts, experience. It’s right about time to welcome the FFinalists onstage. Each will be giving a special type of pitch, fast forwarding to their future vision and then going back, step by step, to show how they get there. So here they go, one by one:

FF1 pitching: an online platform which helps companies improve the user experience of their website, software or online game by performing high quality testing with real users.

FF2 pitching: Social365: a corporate intranet social platform that aims to make internal communication systems more engaging and suited to young employees’ social needs and habits.

FF3 pitching: E-law: a society-engaged website, which simplifies the initial, direct connection between people in need of legal help and lawyers.

After the pitches all eyes are on the jury: Georgi Sharkov (Managing Director of ESI Center), Krum Hadjigeorgiev (CEO of Melon, Inc.), Alexander Kovachev (Managing Director of Red Devil Catering), Ivaylo Simov (Co-founder of Eleven), Stephane Gantchev (Venture Partner at LAUNCHub). While they are deciding who will be the winner of this season of 3Challenge, there’s a chance for everyone to look around and find a new intriguing face – Hristo Popov (CEO of 100% Think Fresh), Irina and Petar Goryalovi (Founders and CEOs of DreamersDo), Todor Kolev (Founder and CEO of Obecto), Todor Iotov (CFO of FinAnalytica), Salim Virani (creator of the LeanCamp unconference) and many others. Before we know it, the jury is back with their final decision.

However, before the announcement of the winners, Start It Smart had prepared two surprises. We are about to hear another great pitch from Proofable. They are the Start It Smart special pick – they had a free 3-month access to the 3Challenge mentorship programme, our most valuable asset. The results? See for yourself in their pitch!

3Challenge Grow (Season 4) will also remain in the history of our organization with the official announcement of our brand new branding – a real work of art by our talented designer Philip Boyadziev. New beginnings , new projects, new structure were the main reasons for us to take this step and you will be finding more and more about them in the months to come.

So finally it’s time… And the WINNER IS… TestingAgents! A well deserved victory for a smashing presentation and performance in the last six months. They receive a whole bag of prizes estimated at 7500 BGN. And it’s not just that, as Maria Eneva, Founder of TestingAgents pointed in her interview for “3Challenge was a great experience for us. We met many like-minded people and great entrepreneurs. The fact that it was a challenge helped us work very hard during these past six months… We proved to ourselves that we can create a profitable business, which attracts new clients and attention in just half a year.”


Another memorable event takes place within minutes –, another finalist, receives a surprising investment from one of our partners present at the event. Thus, thanks to ERP.BG, the first monetary award in a 3Challenge event was now a reality – 1000 BGN cash goes to e-law!

Whew. Time to have some fun and drinks in some nice company. Another great event from the latest season of 3Challenge, organized by Start It Smart and powered by SuperHosting.BG, Telerik and Obecto. Here’s the evening’s wrap-up through the eyes of Mila Grigorova, entrepreneur and Vice-President of Start It Smart. “The event brought to the attention of our guests some really interesting presentations, for which the participants this time had the opportunity to go beyond the conventional and unleash their imagination. They shared with the jury and our audience how they see their business in 10 years’ time and the steps that will lead them to the place they want to go.” And where is that for TestingAgents? “We are working very hard on expanding our business in Bulgaria as well as abroad”, says Maria Eneva. We at Start It Smart bet you will! Good luck, TestingAgents!

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