SIStory | George Sharkov – Even Computers Have a Soul

“Even computers have a soul” will present an interesting perspective on the sensitive side of the software world that increasingly palpable going into our daily lives.

Where are the realization of projections for AI? Are we still far from intelligent computer or a machine with emotions? We will talk about how our research interests and dreams 25 years ago are now entering everyday and our business. And a small odyssey for the foreseeable future IT professions or who the partner will be – we either computers or something like symbiosis? Shortly after “A Space Odyssey 2001”.

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Georgi SharkovGeorge Sharkov is a graduate of Mathematics at Sofia University, specialization computer science thesis in “Artificial Intelligence”, applied research in the areas of genetics, biophysics and thermography (Belgium) architectures for enterprise IP. Since 1994 led teams and international projects to develop software systems in the field of finance and banking, is-business, online marketing, B2B markets and exchanges. Since 2003. He is director of the regional centerEuropean Software Institute.

Mr. Sharkov instructor in the field of SPI (Software Process Improvement), quality management and CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration, SEI, USA), accredited auditor ITMark (ESI, covering information security, business maturity and quality processes IT companies) and a participant in the program for implementation of RMM (resilience Management model, CERT-SEI) – a model for security and sustainability of the business.




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